Vege Gardening

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Starting my Vegetable garden today!

Today , May 3 The weather is incredibly beautiful! Monday blah.... Wish the weekend didn't pass so fast!
I'm going to begin my organic vegetable garden today. Getting ready to go pick up some organic soil and then I have a work table I use as my planting place! And I actually picked up a "green house" of sorts . I'll post pictures as son as I put it together.
I'm excited! Every year I have a herb & Butterfly garden going, (once you start Butterfly gardening you'll never stop!) LOL
First seeds to get going will be my organic cucumbers. They are so expensive a whole Foods! :~(
Organic tomato's, carrots,cayenne pepper, lettuce & cilantro,maybe a few more?? I know I'll have to cover some of these with bridal vale to keep my butterflies away.I thought I'd jump this season & not plant Butterfly plants but when was at Flamingo Gardens a young girl walked in with a container of caterpillars and I was hooked again! Oh Brother!
Well off I go to begin my day! Love & Good Health to all you!