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Easter Basket Goodies

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Are you beginning to think about some "healthy alternatives" to fill Easter Baskets with.
These are great as gifts to friends or just to use in your own baths!
They are "fun" little bundles! You can use them to keep your skin soft and clean.Keep extras around to tuck into gift baskets for friends.
Ingredients vary for different effects and different individuals.

I like to use the natural cheesecloth materials, but you can choose any materials you like.
Open up the cheesecloth mix together the herbs,natural soap flakes, oatmeal and essential oils.Pull the side up together to create a sack or pouch and tie the corners up with a pretty string or ribbon.
Use this in the shower to scrub your skin, oatmeal for dry skin, essential oils for their many healing properties, herbs for their own healing properties and of course the soap for cleansing.
Hang to dry between baths to make it last longer.

You can experiment with your own combinations to create your favorite.
It's a great little gift made with Love!

Scrubbing Sacks

1 large square of cheesecloth or even gauze will work 4x4
1 tablespoon of dried herbs
or 3 tablespoons of fresh herbs
1/2 cup grated natural soap flakes
1/2 cup oatmeal
3-4 drops of essential oils
1- 6 inch piece of string or ribbon

*¨¨* Wake Up Sack *¨¨*
Use peppermint herbs, oatmeal, natural soap
and peppermint essential oils

*¨¨* Relaxing Sack *¨¨*
Chamomile herbs, oatmeal, natural soap
and Lavender essential oil

*¨¨* Woman's Healing Sack *¨¨*
Rose hips herbs,Oatmeal, natural soap
Rose essential Oil

*¨¨* Men's healing sacks *¨¨*
Sage herbs, oatmeal, natural soap flakes,
rosemary essential oils

Remember Essential oils have so many healing properties.

They have excellent germicidal and antifungal properties.
It takes one ton of some herb leaves to create one pound of essential oils.
They offer wide ranges of uses.
Including, treatment of colds, flu's, herpes, thrust, athletes foot, warts,and infections.
Essential oils fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses. They are a powerful immune stimulant.
Each essential oil has it's own properties. Be sure to check out which ones you include in your scrubbing sacks.

Relax and enjoy! *¨¨*

Coloring Easter Eggs with Plant Based Dyes

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If you would like to start a new healthy tradition with your kids at Easter time how about making your Easter Egg dyes "the old fashion way" plant based dyes!

No more synthetic food dyes. Although they are FDA approved these colors include synthesized petroleum derivatives and even coal tar. Even the ones that are labeled "natural" come from things like carminic acid, commonly used in red food coloring. It comes from dried crushed bodies of pregnant female scale insects called cochineal.

When you use plant based dyes for coloring eggs you know exactly what your getting.
The colors are more vibrant, and we as parents can have a greater sense of relief knowing the source of the dyes! This also becomes a creative project to share with your children, compared to dropping a tablet into a cup of water. It opens up doors for our children to become more in touch with earth materials. It teaches them a better way and lets them know there are other choices.

Some of these materials work best when they are boiled with the eggs (they will be noted below), and some work well made ahead and used by dipping or soaking the eggs. If you are using juice, just use it straight. Bulky materials will be boiled with the eggs or boiled and allowed to cool for dipping. The longer you let the eggs soak, the more intense the color will be (for the boiled versions, you can remove them from the heat and allow to cool in the dye bath).

You can use your favorite egg-dying tricks here as well: Like crayons for a batik effect or rubber bands for a tie-dye effect. If you like a glossy egg, you can rub the dyed eggs with vegetable oil when they are dry.

*Red onion skins, use a lot (boil with eggs)
*Pomegranate juice

*Yellow onion skins (boil with eggs)

*Lemon or orange peel (boil with eggs)
*Carrot tops (boil with eggs)
*Celery seed (boil with eggs)
*Ground cumin (boil with eggs)
*Ground turmeric (boil with eggs)

Yellow Brown
*Dill seeds (boil with eggs)

*Strong coffee
*Instant coffee
*Black walnut shells (boil with eggs)

Yellow Green
*Bright green apple peels (boil with eggs)

*Spinach leaves (boil with eggs)

*Canned blueberries and their juice
*Red cabbage leaves (boil with eggs)
*Purple grape juice

Violet Blue
*Violet blossoms
*Red onion skins, less amount than you need to make red (boil with eggs)

*Diluted purple grape juice
*Violet blossoms plus squeeze of lemon (boil with eggs)

*Beets, fresh or canned
*Cranberries or cranberry juice

*Red grape juice

Also you can wrap the eggs with onion skins and then in cheesecloth
and it will have a marble effect.

On Easter when eggs are removed from the refrigerator to be displayed in baskets, How about gathering twigs and leaves and herbs from the garden to make a beautiful display of your creative work. Not only will it look lovely but you'll add a natural aroma to your home, straight from the garden.
Be creative, and most of all let the kids participate. It helps to develop creat

Natural beauty at Home

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Lets begin with 10 steps to "Natural Beauty"
1. "Most Important!" Get Plenty of Rest!
2. Exercise regularly.
3. Eat a balanced(Vegetarian if possible) diet.
4.Drink at least 8 glasses of clean purified water a day.
***my favorite is "reverse Osmosis"***
5. Keep your skin and hair well nourished.
6. Give yourself a weekly facial and monthly body treatment.
7. Brush your teeth after every meal.
8. stay out of the sun during "high peak" hours 10:AM-2:PM.
9. Always use natural products!
10.Have a positive attitude!


"Avocado pits contains skin softening and conditioning powers that remove dead flaky skin."

In a clean seal able bag place clean avocado pits. With a mallet crush the pits into small pieces,about the size of peas. spread the crushed pieces onto a plate or cookie sheet and allow them to dry for a few days.

After they dry grind the pits into a fine scrub the size of coffee grinds using a food processor or coffee grinder. Spread the pieces on the plate or cookie sheet again and allow to them finish drying.

When they are completely dry, store them in a seal able plastic bag.

Now add these small pits to your favorite natural cream or natural soap
such as Dr Brommers to use as a scrub to remove dry dead flaky skin.

You'll notice a beautiful glow to your face.

Ground avocado pits are big news for their powerful cancer-preventive properties.

Apricot Kernels may be substitute for the avocado pit.

Here are a few benefits of the Apricot Kernels and what they are used for.
Apricot kernels and oils have been historically used to treat tumors. The Japanese folk remedy bainiku-ekisu (concentrated Japanese apricot juice) has been used for the treatment of gastritis (stomach inflammation) and enteritis (bowel inflammation) since ancient times, and has recently been studied as a bacteriostatic (stops the growth/reproduction of bacteria) agent. Amygdalin may also be useful for AIDS patients, psoriasis, and hyperoxia (excess of oxygen).

So here's a few thoughts on how to incorporate items from your kitchen and turn them into
beauty aids. They can save you money and by far they are much healthier for you.
They are filled with so many healing properties.

Stay tuned for more at home beauty tips!