Lightening the Load!

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The last week or two I've decided to unload myself of things I've been saving.
Saving for what? I don't know, a rainy day?
The clutter is driving me nuts!

It's amazing how much lighter you feel as you start to unload the old junk!
I've taken a truckload of clothes shoes books and other stuff down to a woman's shelter. It felt good to give to woman who really could use these items as they struggle to get back on their feet and pull their lives back together! I think it would be a nice project to gather items once a year (or more)and donate them to the woman's shelter. Something I can do with my friends that will benefit others. It always feels good when we give to others.

I am even on my way out the door to reorganize my pond area. It's the place I meditate. The sound of the falling water is so relaxing to me. It's so peaceful and it's my space! When I leave the pond area, I feel refreshed and untangled!
Everyone should think of a "space" to get away. It can even be right around your family.
You just need a place to rejuvenate yourself! Add some meditation and soft peaceful music and your doing your self a healthy favor.

Another thing I've incorporated into my life is a massage table. I purchased a massage table and I share massage with my husband. It doesn't have to be the best but it is very relaxing! Add a bit of Essential oils to that massage and it takes you away.

OK I'm going back to my clean up! It's great starting my mornings with my green smoothie, exercise and no clutter! I feel free

Today's Green Smoothie
1 head of Organic Romaine Lettuce

A large handful of Organic Spinach

4 stalks of organic celery sticks

2 organic apples

1/2 banana

Place all items down the hopper of the Champion Juicer

except the banana

Mix the juice and banana in your blender

You can add wheatgrass or barley green if you choose

Its very tasty and full of live enzymes!