Hummingbirds in South Florida

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South Florida Hummingbirds

October is the time to begin to get your Fall gardens in order.!
The hummers are heading down South again and you can easily attract them into your yards. These little guys are amazing to watch! It's fun to watch them hover and remain in one spot while they feed.
Simply hang out your hummingbird feeders, Fire spike is a wonderful plant to use to bring them to your yard. Make sure all other bird feeders are removed. You don't have to buy commercial food for the hummers. Just add 1 part sugar to 3 parts water. Make sure your feeders are cleaned out regularly. You don't want to make them sick!
It's as simple as that! Have your camera ready because these guys are not easily photographed! They are so quick, but what a delight they are! They will be here from about now till April so enjoy them while you can!