Easter Basket Goodies

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Are you beginning to think about some "healthy alternatives" to fill Easter Baskets with.
These are great as gifts to friends or just to use in your own baths!
They are "fun" little bundles! You can use them to keep your skin soft and clean.Keep extras around to tuck into gift baskets for friends.
Ingredients vary for different effects and different individuals.

I like to use the natural cheesecloth materials, but you can choose any materials you like.
Open up the cheesecloth mix together the herbs,natural soap flakes, oatmeal and essential oils.Pull the side up together to create a sack or pouch and tie the corners up with a pretty string or ribbon.
Use this in the shower to scrub your skin, oatmeal for dry skin, essential oils for their many healing properties, herbs for their own healing properties and of course the soap for cleansing.
Hang to dry between baths to make it last longer.

You can experiment with your own combinations to create your favorite.
It's a great little gift made with Love!

Scrubbing Sacks

1 large square of cheesecloth or even gauze will work 4x4
1 tablespoon of dried herbs
or 3 tablespoons of fresh herbs
1/2 cup grated natural soap flakes
1/2 cup oatmeal
3-4 drops of essential oils
1- 6 inch piece of string or ribbon

*¨¨* Wake Up Sack *¨¨*
Use peppermint herbs, oatmeal, natural soap
and peppermint essential oils

*¨¨* Relaxing Sack *¨¨*
Chamomile herbs, oatmeal, natural soap
and Lavender essential oil

*¨¨* Woman's Healing Sack *¨¨*
Rose hips herbs,Oatmeal, natural soap
Rose essential Oil

*¨¨* Men's healing sacks *¨¨*
Sage herbs, oatmeal, natural soap flakes,
rosemary essential oils

Remember Essential oils have so many healing properties.

They have excellent germicidal and antifungal properties.
It takes one ton of some herb leaves to create one pound of essential oils.
They offer wide ranges of uses.
Including, treatment of colds, flu's, herpes, thrust, athletes foot, warts,and infections.
Essential oils fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses. They are a powerful immune stimulant.
Each essential oil has it's own properties. Be sure to check out which ones you include in your scrubbing sacks.

Relax and enjoy! *¨¨*