Here are some of the Synergies You can get from us

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  • D-Stress: This synergy of the very relaxing aromas of Sweet Orange, Ylang-Ylang and Patchouli has been used in our practice for over twenty years, with results felt within seconds of smelling
  • D-Emotion: Recommended for those times when emotions cloud our thinking; relationship problems or the death of a loved one, or any situation where someone might “push” our emotional buttons.”
  • Headache: This very effective synergy of oils alleviates headaches upon application.
  • Sinus & Cold: A combination of Eucalyptus, Pine Needle, Cypress & Lavender, known for its ability to fight infections
  • Energy/Alert: An "energizing" synergy of essential oils useful at times of needed energy or alertness. It has rosemary, so we do not recommend it for anyone with high blood pressure. It is ideal for those with low pressure. Effectiveness upon smelling, also recommended in bath and room diffusion
  • Appetite Control Inhaler: Smell before sitting for a meal, it will reduce the amount of food you would normally eat, and smell during the day to control the cravings
  • Muscle Aches Plus: This combination of muscle relaxing and anti inflammatory essential oils perform upon application. We recommend this blend for arthritis, muscle ache soreness, and cramping problems
  • Fever blister: Apply directly to the area when it begins to "itch", it has been known to prevent the blister from opening. If applied after opening, it normally will close within 24 and 48 hours
  • PMS: A synergy of relaxing aromas known for its hormone balancing,soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory qualities, makes this blend an effective fusion for those times of needed balance
  • Sick-Building Syndrome: For home and/or office, this blend of essential oils reputed for their ability to control mold/mildew, and airborne bacteria
  • Meditation/Visualization: Blended with Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Valerian. These Essential Oils have been used through generations to induce prayer and meditation. This blend is formulated to aid in the meditation and visualization process
  • Personal Mosquito Repellent: This combination of Essential Oils has been"Everglades Tested,” with excellent results
* We also carry over 75 MEHHO Certified Essential Oils, Aromaclays, Toothpaste, Custom Made Soaps and Non-Toxic Cleaning Products.
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