Do you know what's in your child's vaccine?

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Do you know what's in your Vaccine?

Once you have the information then YOU can make the decision!

Get to know the laws for your state on Vaccinations.

You can easily "EXEMPT" your children from vaccinations for daycare, school or college

Find your State!

Why are products that produce known symptoms similar to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, autism, and countless other neurological and other disorders included in these vaccines?

Known carcinogens, toxins, and neurotoxins found in vaccines: [#1]
- Benzethonium chloride [#2]
- Formaldehyde [#3]
- Phenol [#4]
- Thimerosal [#5]

Commonly Used Vaccine Ingredients:
- Acetone (toxin)
- Aluminum (neurotoxin)
- Benzethonium chloride [#2] (toxin)
- Calf serum
- Chick embryo
- Cowpox pus
- Decomposed fecal matter from ill typhoid patients for typhoid serum
- Dog kidney tissue
- Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
- Formaldehyde [#3] (carcinogen, toxin)
- Horse blood
- Monkey kidney cell culture
- Mucous from the throats of ill children with colds and whooping cough for whooping cough serum
- Neomyoine
- Phenol [#4] (toxin)
- Phosphate
- Pig blood
- Pulverized felt hats for tetanus serum
- Pus from sores on diseased cows for small pox serums
- Rabbit brain tissue
- Rotten horse blood for diphtheria toxin and antitoxin
- Sodium
- Sweepings from vacuum cleaners for asthma and hay fever
- Thimerosal [#5] (neurotoxin) -- MOST TOXIC

Phenol: [#4]
Phenol is a petrol chemical used to make propane.
"Irritation eyes, nose, throat; anorexia, weight loss; lassitude (weakness, exhaustion), muscle ache, pain; dark urine; cyanosis; liver, kidney damage; skin burns; dermatitis; ochronosis; tremor, convulsions, twitching."

Benzethonium chloride: [#2]
A disinfectant used in vaccines, "medications, deodorants, mouthwashes, in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, in surgery, and also as a preservative," is already known to cause a "neuromuscular blockade" or transmission failure.

This is typical of what is seen in most Parkinson's patients, and several others suffering from various neurological diseases.

While the elderly and chronically ill who have these very diseases that ingredients in vaccines are known to produce, this is even more alarming since infants are prime targets for vaccination.

The amount of immunizations a child receives from 0-2 years of age has tripled since 1983, and has risen from 8 to 29 doses. The majority of these vaccines from 1983 to 2007 contained the highly potent neurotoxin, thimerosal.

The CDC began to reduce the amount of thimerosal-containing vaccines that US children received beginning in 1999, dropping down to 46%. Presently in 2007, it stands at 7%.

Childhood vaccines, and adult for that matter, still contain thimerosal. Most of which are for influenza, and nearly all still contain trace amounts of thimerosal.

On top of this, 26.25% of adult vaccines contain thimerosal, creating a prenatal exposure in pregnant women
who are also prime targets for vaccination against influenza with thimerosal-containing flu shots.
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