Why I am an Essential Oil and Healing Herbs Practitioner

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I am an essential oil and healing herbs practitioner.

I have been interested in ridding my home and body of harsh chemical since forever! Even when I was young, I remember that some "smells" from cleaning agents make me feel "not so well" and even at that young age, it raised flags. I just sort of knew that it couldn't be good for you if it made you feel blah! Later I recall the evenings of sitting out in our yard and smelling the herbs that were growing and how that scent made me feel so good! I just knew I wanted to learn as much about them as I could!

Lately I've been researching the herb Lavender. Lavender is adorned with its rich luscious purple/blue flowers but most of all it has an incredible aroma! A sweet fragrance.

The healing properties of this incredible herb goes on and on! It is the Oil extracted from the fresh flowers of the plant that is used for medicinal purposes.

The herb lavender is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, it is known to increases circulation. It is anti-bacterial and is effective against the E-coli. It has anti-flatulent properties.

It is also known as a sedative. (Ever wonder why your sheets at the bed & breakfast smell like Lavender?) Also helps with sleep disorders. It has a balancing effect on the nervous system. Its works great for a nervous stomach. Lavender stimulates the liver to increase bile production. It is said to be the best anti-inflammatory in our arsenal when used by itself or in combination of other herbs.

I always keep a spray bottle handy of distilled water with drops of pure essential lavender oil for misting the kids bed nightly. Its calming, helps them to sleep and the aroma is so relaxing!

20 drops in the bath will relax and bring calm right to you! try it in a massage blend!

Lavender helps to relieve headaches. It can be used as an antiseptic. It heals very rapidly and is one of the very best oils for burns.

In fact, French chemist, Rene'-Maurice Gattefosse discovered Lavender's healing powers by accident. While working in his perfume lab in the 1920's, he accidentally burned his hand. He quickly plunged in into the nearest liquid vat, which just happened to be lavender oil. He then pulled his hand out and voila... the pain quickly disappeared. The burn healed without a trace of a scar!

It can be used on open sores, bites, inflammation of the skin or other skin disorders.

I keep a bottle in my first aid kit; I wouldn't be caught without it!

Lavender is also must for skin care! Mother Earth Skin care clay, Mother Earth Skin care oil, Mother Earth Skin care salve even Mother Earth Toothpaste.

Essential oil Lavender massaged into the scale helps with hair loss. A study of 86 people with alopecia areata (a disease that causes hair loss) massaged the lavender oil into their scalp for 7 months. They experienced significant hair re-growth as compared to those who massaged their scalp without the essential oil.

A recent study found that the use of Lavender oil may improve postoperative pain control. Fifty patients undergoing breast biopsy surgery received either oxygen supplemented with lavender oil or oxygen alone. Patients in the Lavender group reported a higher satisfaction rate with pain control than patients in the control group.

Lavender is also a great tool for replacing cleaning agents around the home! It’s used in kitchen and bathroom cleaners. It is also used in an herbal combination to control and replace harmful bug spays (pesticides) used around the home.

Think about this... when you spray a bug watch how the poison affects the nervous system of that bug. How the legs begin to shake and the bug eventually dies. That is exactly what we are delivering to our system and our children's systems in smaller doses. (It is believed Parkinson's disease is related to pesticide)

Along with this practice, it is important to remember to clean up your environment...
We are a product of our work play and home environment.
Sick Building Syndrome is a real health risk; it is recognized by the EPA and AMA. We must reduce indoor chemicals that pose a health risk.

Lavender on Breast Tumors and Ovarian Cysts
Not many people know the therapeutic effect on breast tumors and ovarian cysts.

First of all Lavender has class compounds known as monoterpenes, perillyl alcohol and limonenes. These are reported to have anticancer activity in vitro and experimental animals. As we speak, Lavender is being investigated for treating breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

Dr Michael N. Gould announced at the American Association Cancer Research annual meeting held in Orlando, Fl that the use of perillyl alcohol and limonenes from Lavender oil was reducing cancerous tumors in rats. Dr Gould reported that 60% to 80 % of the tumors completely regressed when the lab rats were feed perillyl alcohol.

Dr Gould states "The nature of their effectiveness is as follows: as agents of prevention, these compounds appear to spur enzymes that detoxify dangerous carcinogens."

We recommend 4 to 6 cups of Lavender tea daily along with direct application of Lavender Essential oil and baths of Lavender Essential oil. Lavender tea’s flavor is the Essential Oil with its flavonoids & therapeutic properties.

Breast tumors: 9 out of 10 clients reported their tumors reduced 50% in 3-4 days, disappearing in 25-30 days. According to examination by their allopathic physicians.

Ovarian cyst 9 out of 10 clients reported significant cyst reduction within 35-45 days according to examination by their allopathic physicians.

Amazing results within 30-45 days tumors and cysts shrunk and in some cases disappeared. As recommended with any Complementary Alternative Medicine Practice, it is important to inform your primary care physician and of course to continue allopathic medical treatment.

I just believe these are amazing results and that information is the best antidote we can possibly have!

Thanks for reading my blog and please bookmark or subscribe as I hope to impart some of the wonders of herbs and oils to you and help you have a healthier home and life.